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Latest Records Added

Field Record: TD-20-328

Tyrannosaurus ungual, pes

Adult Tyrannosaurus rex pes ungual in good condition. Insect borings along surface in spots. Measures 17.5 long or 19.5 cm along curve. Proximal articulation facet is 7.0 cm tall x 5.2 cm wide. 

Field Record: TD-20-145

dromeosaurid indet. ungual

Dromaeosaurid claw missing a small portion of distal tip and proximal end. Otherwise good condition. Measures 2.4 cm to break. 

Field Record: TD-19-109

Thescelosaurus dorsal vertebra

Thescelosaurus dorsal vertebra in good condition. 12 cm tall. Centrum measures 5.0 tall x 4.0 wide x 4.3 long.