Welcome to the PaleoAdventures Research Collection Database!

At PaleoAdventures, "SCIENCE is always our number one concern!"

Since 2005, our teams and tour guests have collected thousands of bones and teeth from the Late Cretaceous, 66 million year old, Hell Creek Formation. Many of these bones, were fragmentary and from common genera. These were usually given away for their educational or inspirational value. Some specimens had a commercial or collectible value. These were often sold to help support the operations and to provide a small “thank you bonus” to our many wonderful land owners (without whom we would not exist). Others still, came from rare taxa or had unique features which set them apart from the rest. These specimens were much more important than the rest and were held onto for research, study and documentation purposes. We considered these specimens, "scientifically significant". All of these scientifically significant specimens you will find here in this database.

Our research collection consists of over 807+ isolated bones, teeth, and partial skeletons. It grows each and every year. To our knowledge, it is the FIRST and ONLY, publicly accessible, free and open, Hell Creek fossil database of PRIVATELY held specimens of its kind. Most specimens will have locality and stratigraphic data, historical data and photographs. Eventually, many will have 3-D scans so that you may be able to print copies for your own records or research. Some may eventually have molding and casting options. All of the original specimens you see here however, are available to museums ONLY, either through sale, trade, or donation. Until these specimens find a more permanent public repository they will remain here, available to all valid researchers.

All images herein are considered in the public domain, so long as the database is properly referenced. All specimens may be published upon so long as we are referenced and receive a copy of the publication in return. Additional inquiries, questions or corrections can be directed to me at stein151@comcast.net. To learn more about what we stand for or view our many products and services please visit our main company website at www.paleoadventures.com

A very special thanks goes out to all of our wonderful tour guests, land owners, friends, family and volunteers who have helped make this collection one of the best in the world. Thanks also to August Marchetti whose tireless work helped to build the database and get us operational. THANKS!