Research Materials & Downloads

At PaleoAdventures we believe in the free, open and amicable sharing of all scientific data. This means that any geologic or paleontological data we collect and any original works are free, open and in the public domain. Specific locality data and access to the collection or the dig sites is available to all legitimate researchers with a written research proposal and a mutually agreeable time. If you would like to peruse any of our current research projects or look at our field maps, stratigraphic sections, field notes, or press releases they can be found on this page. Just click on any of the thumbnails below to download. Everything on this page is completely open-source, we just just ask that you make sure we are properly referenced. When working together we can truly move mountains. Thanks and happy hunting!

File Type Description File Size
Tooth Draw Quarry Map 2015 7.82 M
Deers Ears West Sedimentary Log 115.12 K
Badlands Topography 322.76 K
Tooth Draw Rose Diagram, 2007-2012 26.63 K
Tooth Draw Cross Sections, 2012 7.46 M
The Tooth Draw Quarry Paleo-Environmental Hypothesis, 2013 2.29 M